Solid Lubrication: A Maintenance-Free Solution to Reduce Warranty Claims for OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) understand that the performance and reliability of their products directly impact their name and profitability. Among the critical components, bearings play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations. However, premature bearing failures can lead to costly warranty claims, causing a loss of efficiency and money for OEMs. To address this challenge, the adoption of maintenance-free bearings with solid lubrication offers a promising solution.

The Challenge of Improper Bearing Lubrication

One of the primary causes of bearing failure is improper lubrication. Achieving the proper lubrication maintenance can be complex, leaving room for errors on the part of end-users. Variables such as grease compatibility, quantity, frequency, cleanliness, and storage create challenges for customers seeking to properly lubricate their bearings.

As a result, inadequate lubrication remains the leading cause of premature bearing failures, putting OEMs in a difficult position to handle warranty claims.

Mounted Turner ball bearing with Lubrilife technology.

The Costly Impact of Bearing Warranty Claims

Responding to warranty claims and processing replacements are both time-consuming and expensive for OEMs. On average, warranty claims can account for one to five percent of sales, representing a significant financial burden. However, the costs extend beyond mere monetary expenses. Inefficient maintenance practices on the customer’s end can tarnish a company’s brand reputation and reduce overall productivity.

The Promise of Maintenance-Free Bearings

To alleviate the complexities of lubrication maintenance and reduce the risk of premature bearing failures, maintenance-free bearings with solid lubrication emerge as an ideal solution. By eliminating the need for lubrication-related maintenance, OEMs can effectively mitigate warranty claims and associated costs.

The Advantages of Solid Lubrication for OEMs

Solid lubrication eliminates the long list of variables involved in bearing lubrication and customer maintenance. It offers numerous benefits for both OEMs and end-users. For OEMs, the adoption of maintenance-free bearings enhances product reliability, customer satisfaction, and overall brand reputation. On the customer’s side, solid lube simplifies maintenance tasks, allowing them to focus on more productive endeavors, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

As OEMs strive to maintain product consistency and profitability, addressing bearing failures and warranty claims becomes paramount. The adoption of maintenance-free bearings with solid lubrication offers a compelling solution to this challenge. By partnering with Turner and implementing these advanced lubrication solutions, OEMs can significantly reduce warranty costs, enhance brand reputation, and provide customers with reliable products for improved efficiency and productivity.

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