The permanent solution for long lasting performance.

Minimize the risk of machinery failures and premature wear, even for hard-to-reach applications. Permanent lubrication gives you confidence by taking the guesswork out bearing maintenance.

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Improper lubrication is the #1 cause of premature bearing failure.

What makes greasing a bearing so challenging?

  • Bearings perform best with an ideal grease fill – yet seals obstruct the view, making the quantity almost impossible to know.
  • The greasing process can introduce damaging contaminants.
  • Maintenance of hard to reach bearings can be difficult and sometimes impossible.
  • Lubrication systems may send varying quantities and qualities of grease to each bearing.
  • Grease life can expire, preventing it from creating the repeated oil film required.


Permanent lubrication can make your bearings work more effectively.

Permanent lubrication is an oil-saturated polymer material molded into the interior of the bearing, filling all internal space without impeding the rolling elements. And can hold up to four times the base oil as most greased bearings.

How does lubrife stack up to it's competitors?

Grease is used in 90% of bearing applications however only 10% of bearings reach their calculated lifespan.

Contaminants - particularly in hard-to-reach applications where maintenance is difficult - can pose challenges for bearing longevity. Permanent lubrication resists contaminants, avoids common issues associated with grease, and greatly reduces stoppages.

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Remove the biggest variable in bearing operation and choose the new permanent lubrication solution from Baart.

LUBRILIFE was tested against other permanent lubricants offered by 2 of our competitors.

LUBRILIFE had the lowest oil loss over a 1700 hour test
LUBRILIFE had the most complete and consistent fill
LUBRILIFE utilized both bearing seals; others operate with a single seal


Lubrilife fills the entire bearing cavity without impeding the rolling elements.


Lubrilife acts as an additional seal, in conjunction with the bearing seals.

For Life

Lubrilife provides oil for the life of the bearing. Never manually grease a bearing again


Lubrilife is a manufacturing step, not a modification.

Most competitors’ solid lubrication is an aftermarket modification requiring permanent removal of a seal. The bearing (shown below) has had the remaining factory seal removed to show how an incomplete polymer fill leaves rolling elements exposed.

An incomplete fill creates drawbacks such as:

More oil loss
Vulnerable to damaging contamination
Inadequate lubrication and protection of rolling elements

In contrast, Lubrilife is applied before the seal is attached: a forethought, not an afterthought.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the temperature limitations?
The current bearings can operate at an ambient temperature range of -40°F to 195°F (the internal bearing temperature can be 265°). The lowest temperature limit is limited by the oil, while the upper-temperature limit is limited by the polymer material.

What is the warranty of these specific bearings? Does it extend from the normal warranty?
The warranty is the same as other Baart products. One year warranty for materials and workmanship.

When are the bearings going to be available?
Turner L4L is available now.

How do you differentiate between a standard Axis, Mariner, or Turner bearing and one with Lubrilife permanent lubrication?
The nomenclature has the suffix L4L (Lubricated for Life).

What oil is used?
The oil is fully synthetic with additives.

For design purposes, how do you determine an approximate life?
You can learn more about calculating approximate life at:

What are the RPM limitations?
Deep groove ball bearings can operate with a speed factor of 300,000. Speed Factor = (Bearing Bore (mm) + Bearing OD (mm)) /2 x (RPM)

Is a high temperature version available?
It is currently in development.

Is one seal left off the bearing like other solid oils?
While permanent lubrication is superior to grease in excluding contaminants from the bearing, it performs best when used in conjunction with both bearing seals.

If you have both standard and Lubrilife units on your equipment how do you tell which ones need to be greased and which ones shouldn’t?
The inner race has the L4L identifier on it, along with the rest of the part number.

Is one seal left off the bearing like other solid oils?
While permanent lubrication is superior to grease in excluding contaminants from the bearing, it performs best when used in conjunction with both bearing seals.