Mounted Ball Bearings

Quality design puts Turner a step above the rest.


Turner mounted bearings provide long-lasting quality.

Turner ball bearings feature annealed set screw ports – which keep inner rings from cracking around the ports and allow set screws to maintain a tighter hold for longer. The set screws themselves are set at 120 degrees to balance internal force and keep the inner ring round. Additionally, the inner race is wider – reducing cocking and increasing its lifespan. These features give Turner mounted bearings a longer life in even the toughest applications.

Mounted Ball Bearings

Pillow Block

Tapped Base Pillow Block

Flange (4-Bolt)

Flange (2-Bolt)

Flange (2-Bolt, Light)

Flange Bracket

Flange (3-Bolt)

Flange Cartridge



What sets Turner apart from other manufacturers?

Turner mounted ball bearings use the same high-quality SAE 52100 steel on both the inner and outer races, not simply the outer race (like some of our competitors).

Solid bases on all mounted ball bearings mean added housing strength.

Steel retainers provide increased thermal and fatigue resistance compared to cheaper plastic retainers.

Turner offers Tru-Loc concentric locking collars for a reversible, non-scarring shaft connection that’s easier and quicker to install than an adapter sleeve.

Eccentric collar mounted bearings connect to a larger shaft surface area compared to set screw connections.

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