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Replace Problematic Centralized Grease Systems with Solid Lube

Learn about the advantages of solid lubrication over centralized grease systems. Simplify maintenance with efficient solutions.

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The main hub of a centralized greasing system. The hub has multiple zerks and is bolted to machinery.

Solid Lubricants: Which is Best?

Discover the benefits of factory-installed solid lubrication for bearings. Enhanced performance, protection, and longevity for future engineers.

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Two bearing inserts. The outer rings of the bearings have been cut away to show the solid polymer inside. The Turner Lubrilife polymer is a much more consistent and complete fill.

Solid Lubrication: A Maintenance-Free Solution to Reduce Warranty Claims for OEMs

OEMs! Discover how to reduce warranty claims & enhance product reliability with maintenance-free bearings using solid lubrication.

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