Disc Harrow Bearings

Turner Disc Harrow bearings are built to last.


See the difference quality makes. Turner Disc Harrow bearings.

Turner Disc Harrow bearings use only the best materials, from steel retainers to high-quality bearing steel throughout. Designed for durability in the toughest applications, Turner Disc Harrow bearings are simply worth more. Want to avoid the hassle of frequent bearing replacements? Get Turner quality right from the start.

Disc Harrow Bearings

Square Bore

Round Bore

What sets Turner apart from other manufacturers?

SAE 52100 bearing steel is used for both inner and outer races.

Heavy-duty triple-lip seals are used for extra protection from the extremely dirty environment.

Steel retainers are used with all Turner Disc Harrow bearings which is the best retainer for heavy or shock loads.

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Engineered with quality required to master even the toughest applications. Put Turner to work for you.