Enhancing Bearing Life and Reliability with Solid Lubrication: A Game-Changer for Engineers in Harsh Environments

In heavy load and high-impact environments, engineers face a significant challenge when it comes to reaching, maintaining, and repairing applications. Bearing failures due to lubrication-related issues are a persistent headache in the industry. 

Traditional grease lubrication can be cumbersome and prone to problems, driving the need for a revolutionary solution that can extend bearing life and offer hassle-free operation. 

Solid lubrication: a game-changer for mounted bearings that promises to transform how we think about bearing maintenance and longevity.

The Need for Change in Lubrication Methods

Bearing life is influenced by various factors, and while lubrication is just one of them, it plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation and preventing failures. However, lubrication-related problems are among the leading causes of bearing failures. 

Issues like contamination, improper grease fill, and incompatibility between greases can all lead to premature bearing wear and tear. Engineers have long sought an all-encompassing solution to mitigate these destructive forces and optimize power transmission systems.

Introducing Permanent Lubrication

Solid lubrication offers a powerful answer to the challenges faced by engineers. It is a polymer material with micro-pores as small as one ten-thousandth of an inch, designed to hold and release oil as needed for lubricating the rolling elements within the bearing.

Unlike traditional greased bearings, which require frequent maintenance, solid lubrication eliminates the need for manual lubrication and complicated lubrication systems. The polymer material fills the bearing cavity completely while allowing unimpeded movement of the rolling elements.

Key Features and Benefits of Solid Lubrication

  1. Enhanced Lubrication: Solid lubrication contains up to four times the base oil found in standard greased bearings, providing a continuous and reliable source of lubrication to the rolling elements. This feature alone significantly extends bearing life.
  2. Seal Integrity: The polymer material revolves within the rings along with the rolling elements, acting as an additional seal. It prevents contaminants from entering the bearing cavity, further protecting the rolling elements and contributing to longer-lasting bearings.
  3. Contaminant Resistance: Even in the dirtiest environments, solid lubrication offers superior protection. The polymer fills the bearing cavity, obstructing the ingress of contaminants and preventing damage to the rolling elements caused by foreign particles.
  4. Incompatibility Elimination: Solid lubrication eliminates the risk of mixing incompatible greases within a bearing, averting issues like “oil bleed” and the formation of hard salts that can lead to bearing failures.
  5. Minimal Maintenance: Once installed, bearings with solid lubrication require minimal maintenance, if any at all. This eliminates the risk for mistakes made by customers who perform maintenance.

Solid lubrication is the much-needed solution that engineers in heavy-load and high-impact environments have been waiting for. By providing reliable and continuous lubrication while guarding against contaminants and grease-related problems, solid lubrication significantly extends bearing life and reduces maintenance hassles.

As more engineers embrace this groundbreaking technology, the industry will witness a transformation in bearing reliability, making it a vital choice for applications that demand exceptional performance under challenging conditions.

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