Turner Protected by Lubrilife Bearings: The Superior Choice for Solid Lubrication

Don’t settle for aftermarket solutions with potential issues. Opt for Turner’s factory-installed solid lubricant, Lubrilife, for unmatched bearing performance. Here’s why:

As bearing technology evolves, solid lubrication is increasingly replacing traditional greasing methods. The additional layer of protection offered by solid lubrication provides significant benefits, such as long-term cost savings and enhanced productivity and performance. However, it is crucial to understand that not all solid lubricants are created equal. The type of solid lubricant you choose for your application can make a substantial difference in bearing performance and longevity.

Most solid lubricants are typically applied as an aftermarket modification, involving the removal of one factory seal on the bearing to flush out the grease and apply the polymer. Unfortunately, this application process leads to several long-term problems that can hamper bearing performance and reliability.

A photo of two bearing inserts. The front seal is removed and the outer rings have a cutaway to demonstrate the difference in the polymer fills.

Firstly, the process of adding solid lubricant aftermarket can create an unreliable fill due to “trapped air,” resulting in voids within the lubricant. These voids leave the internal rolling elements inadequately protected, making them vulnerable to damage from contaminants. Moreover, visually inspecting the polymer fill or verifying its consistency becomes nearly impossible because the front seal is left in place which obstructs the view. This leads to uncertainties and potential issues down the line.

Furthermore, relying solely on the polymer fill to function as a seal replacement on the fill side can result in inadequate sealing. This diminishes the lubricant’s ability to provide long-term protection, ultimately leading to reduced performance and increased maintenance costs.

In stark contrast, Lubrilife, the solid lubrication technology offered by Turner Protected by Lubrilife Bearings, outperforms other aftermarket solutions in every aspect. Lubrilife is applied during the bearing manufacturing process, providing significant advantages for the lifespan and performance of the bearing.

During manufacturing, Lubrilife ensures uniform lubrication by fully surrounding the internal rolling elements, promoting consistent and reliable lubrication throughout the bearing’s operational life. Additionally, since the lubricant is applied before seals are installed, it can be visually inspected and verified, ensuring a consistent and reliable fill without voids.

Moreover, Lubrilife’s double-sealing approach offers exceptional protection against contaminants, safeguarding the bearing from potential damage and extending its service life while reducing maintenance requirements.

A photo of two bearing inserts. The front seal is removed and the outer rings have a cutaway to demonstrate the difference in the polymer fills.

Lubrilife’s microscopic structure is designed to distribute and retain oil more effectively, resulting in higher oil retention and far less oil loss compared to competing aftermarket solutions. This translates to improved bearing performance and extended longevity in demanding applications.

In conclusion, after years of development and rigorous testing, Lubrilife raises the bar in solid lubrication technology, providing exceptional performance, consistency, and protection. By choosing Turner Protected by Lubrilife Bearings with factory-installed Lubrilife solid lubrication, you can rest assured that your bearings will outperform and outlast the competition, enhancing productivity and efficiency in your operations. Upgrade to Lubrilife today and experience the difference in bearing performance!

Lubrilife and seal

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