Mounted Roller Bearings

Quality design puts Turner a step above the rest.


Turner mounted bearings provide reliable durability.

Turner spherical roller bearings feature PTFE seals – withstanding high-speed and high-temperature applications. Their labyrinth design excels at thwarting moisture and contaminant ingress. In addition, each unit includes a grease purge valve that protects these seals from over-lubrication. These features give Turner spherical roller bearings a longer life in the most demanding applications.

Mounted Roller Bearings

Pillow Block

Flange Block

Flange Cartridge

What sets Turner apart from other manufacturers?

Turner mounted roller bearings use the same high-quality SAE 52100 steel on both the inner and outer races, not simply the outer race.

One-piece cast iron housings with solid bases provide the strength to handle rough applications.

Turner mounted roller bearings standardize on PTFE seals that withstand high-speed and high-temperature applications. Their labyrinth design excels at denying damaging moisture and contaminant ingress.

Turner includes mild steel locking collars that improve setscrew grip and toughness. Large bore units are available with a double-collar system.

Spherical roller bearings internally self-align to accommodate changes in shaft and machinery alignment for maximum bearing life.

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