Mounted Spherical Bearing Units

  1. Metal ID Tag
    Makes reordering easy.
  2. Double-Lip Seals
    Extra protection against contamination, but still allow high speed operation.
  3. Self-Aligning
    Internally self-aligns to accomodate changes in shaft and machinery alignment for maximum bearing life.
  4. Locking Collar
    Use of mild steel collar ensures precision threads, maximizing setscrew grip.
  5. Sturdy Housing
    A one-piece cast iron housing has strength to handle tough applications.

Additional Features

  • Bearing cavity is 33% factory-filled with Shell Alvania #2 grease.
  • Has 1/8″ NPT grease fitting.
  • Accepts automatic grease dispensers
  • Interchanges with:
    • Dodge® S2000
    • Browning® SPB1000
    • Linkbelt® PB22400
    • Rex® ZA2200
    • SKF® SYR
  • Available in Non-expansion (fixed) and Expansion (floating).

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